CAL Projects

We at CAL Lab @ UofT Law like to think up schemes to make legal scholarship and education more interesting, and perhaps even better (whatever that might mean).  At its best, CAL Lab is an incubator not only for new ideas, but also for ways to make these ideas–and other good ones!–work.  Among the projects currently at various stages of development (including some in the pre-hatch, twinkle-in-the-eye, nowhere-near-ready-for-prime-time phase) are:

  • Legal History as Critical Analysis: New Historical Jurisprudence and Historical Analysis of Law (special issueminifesto)
  • New Legal Science: CAL and Law as a Global Discipline (minifesto)
  • Feminist Analysis of Law: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (workshop cluster 2014-15)
  • CAL Moot (an interdisciplinary moot not-court)
  • CALx/Summer Camp (a CAL-themed summer institute)
  • CAL Play-ins (staging In the Penal Colony (Kafka/Berkoff))
  • CAL Isthenics (stretch-ins for flexibility)
  • CAL Lecture (res ipsa loquitur…)

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