CAL Flash Workshops

CAL Flash Workshops are short, informal, intensive, interactive events on subjects that might benefit from serious CAL Lab scrutiny. For instance, the Flash Workshop on New Historical Jurisprudence and Historical Analysis of Law (2014) included the following participants:

  • Clifford Ando (Classics & Law, Chicago)
  • Samera Esmeir (Rhetoric, Berkeley)
  • Mireille Hildebrandt (Law & Technology, Nijmegen/Rotterdam)
  • Arlie Loughnan (Law, Sydney)
  • Lena Salaymeh (Law & History, Berkeley)
  • Norman Spaulding (Law, Stanford)
  • Anna Su (Law, Toronto)

Information on the CAL Review‘s special issue on New Historical Jurisprudence is available here.

In summer 2015, Clifford Ando hosted a workshop on The New Ancient Legal History at the University of Chicago, the proceedings of which were published in a CAL special issue in spring 2016.

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